Arsenalet is a creative industry cluster in Viborg, Denmark with over 30 companies and up to 150 professionals working within the visual industries of animation, games, film, VR/AR/XR and design.

Located next to the world famous “The Animation Workshop”, Arsenalet is one part of a dynamic international framework where talent, knowledge, work, entrepreneurship, and social activities thrive in an unique and attractive mix.

At Arsenalet we will do our utmost best to welcome you and your company, helping you realize your potential, mission, and vision.


The offices at Arsenalet range from 10 - 100+ m2 with a starting price of DKK 1.290 + VAT per month, or we offer a single desk in shared co-working spaces from: DKK 800,00 + VAT per month or a “hot desk” for DKK 150,00 + VAT per day.

What do you get?

When you rent an office or a desk in the co-working space the rent includes: 24 hour building access, your company logo on Arsenalet´s signposts, free use of meeting and conference rooms, access to public events, free parking for you and your clients, as well as free coffee/tea from a communal break area. In addition you will benefit from the synergy and creative potential of the environment in and around Arsenalet, meeting prospective partners and new business at every turn.

Services and activities:

Arsenalet offer services including networking, mentorship, matchmaking, incubation, business development, and counseling. Arsenalet arranges talks, seminars, workshops and conferences based on wishes from the tenants, topics of relevance, or on behalf of external clients that would like to network or collaborate with resident companies. The common goal is to make the companies that reside in Arsenalet stronger and help them realize or boost their full potential.

We also collaborate on projects with different departments of The Animation Workshop to expand and explore the use of animation, games, visualization and VR/AR/XR in areas of learning and education, health, science communication, and the fine arts, giving you the opportunity to tap into, contribute, or learn from these exciting projects and partnerships.

Values of Arsenalet:

Openness: A willingness to share knowledge and be open for collaboration with others is a grounding value at Arsenalet.

Trust: Trust is built on honesty and credibility, and we endeavor to be transparent and honorable in everything we do.

Curiosity and ambition: You want to explore ideas and new possibilities and you have ambitions of making your mark by doing work of high quality.

Entrepreneurship: An urge to build an enterprise and create stuff people need. (If you are not a natural born entrepreneur, you have to acquire competences needed to develop and run an enterprise - and Arsenalet is ready to help.)

For inquiries about available office space or desks, contact therese@arsenalet.dk or kasper@arsenalet.dk