Arsenalet is home to a number of award winning studios with experience in co-production.

Working with Arsenalet assures you a trustworthy and reliable partner, sure to provide high quality creative work at the height of technical achievement, made possible by thorough internationalization and targeted engagement of well-managed teams.

For guidance regarding finding the best partner contact or explore our many diverse and talented studios here:

How about locating your Company in Viborg?

When you locate your company in Viborg you will be part of an unique and international ecosystem. As our neighbor, The Animation Workshop is a higher education institution ranked among the best in the world as regards animation and visual media. The Animation Workshop was declared the best place to study among all educational institutions in Denmark in 2017 and is brimming with infectious talent and energy.   

As a result we have a vibrant and industry oriented community at Arsenalet, where successful and award winning studios sit side by side with start-ups and freelancers, creating a wide slate of viable partners for any project or budget.  

As partners in the annual animation festival VAF, which showcases talent and facilitates networking through conferences, seminars, a game expo, and exhibitions targeted at an international professional audience, we provide a ripe breeding ground for traditional as well as asymmetrical development of concepts, companies, and partnerships.

Our close cooperation and association with Viborg Kommune is evidence of an engaged municipality that is involved in and supportive of creative visual industries grounded in both political focus and a passion for development.