Arsenalet is a practical work environment structured around creativity, quality, originality and growth, which plays host to companies specializing in animation, games, visual design, visualization and conceptualization, as well as XR applications.

At Arsenalet you will find:

  • Start-ups as well as established studios

  • A deeply International environment

  • A gateway to talented freelancers

  • Engagement in the ecosystem for animation and visual industry in Viborg

  • A historic environment filled with energy and a vibrant community

Looking to invest?

Among the 30+ Companies that reside in Arsenalet there is lots of possibilities to find an interesting fit for your portfolio or passion.

We have different offers for you if you want to investigate, invest or engage in the visual industry:

Business Angels: You can meet interesting start-ups who are ready for early stage investment and professional sparring.

Mentors: We are always looking for experienced mentors and we have established a mentor programme together with our local business council, Viborg-Egnens Erhvervsråd. However, you can contact Arsenalet directly if you would like to explore opportunities on your own.

Venture Investors: Contact us and we will present the possibilities and help facilitate meetings.