About Arsenalet:

Arsenalet is a commercial foundation established in 2011 by Viborg Municipality, the local Business Council and The Animation Workshop.

With a dedicated focus on visual industries, Arsenalet has a clear directive to serve as the best possible place in Denmark to grow your creative concept or company.


Situated next to The Animation Workshop - Center for Animation, Visualization and Graphic Storytelling, and on the grounds of the old military facility of The Prince’s Life Regiment / Royal Danish Army in Viborg, Arsenalet and the residing companies benefit greatly from symbiotic synergies with the Animation Workshop. At Arsenalet, lifelong learning walks hand in hand with business development and pursuit of growth in the creative industries.

Arsenalet is home to the following departments and activities of The Animation Workshop::

We do projects, talks, seminars and masterclasses together as well as social activities.


Arsenalet is the home of 30+ companies. You will find a detailed list and links in the menu under “Clients”.