How-to-guide to animation production:

So you have decided that your company or organization need an animated explainer video or want to use animation in general - good choice!

However you might be curious about how to proceed and how to plan the process?

To help you getting started Arsenalet has made both a guide and a 1 minute film.
Both of these can be found below. Simply click them to get started.



A rough guide to production of animation. In 1 minute we explain the key steps of producing an animated explainer video. Made by on behalf of Arsenalet.

You can see the Danish version of the video here.




Click thumbnails to download the reports.

“Animation som erhverv - 360 graders analyse” by Manto 2016.
Comissioned by Animationscirklen.
Analysis of the Danish Animation Industry. Language: Danish

“Danske Indholdsproducenter i tal 2018” by Producentforeningen 2018. This report features key figures on the Danish Visual Industry. Language: Danish

“Mapping the animation industry in europe” By European Audiovisual Observatory, 2015. Research report commissioned by the Creative Europe MEDIA sub-programme of the European Commission.

“Masterplan for animation som erhverv i Viborg” By Seismonaut 2017. Comissioned by Viborg Kommune. Analysis of the potential of the animation industry and eco system in Viborg, Denmark Language: Danish