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What is Arsenalet Game Incubation?

(4 seats currently available)

Arsenalet Game Incubation is a unique opportunity for you to kickstart a company in the games industry as part of the creative working environment, which surrounds The Animation Workshop in Viborg. Once you are here, you will have all the time in the world to focus on development; either of your own IP or something that can help you establish a viable business in the games industry.

Sponsored by the European fund Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak and the Central Denmark Region, arranged by The Animation Workshop and hosted by the co-working office Arsenalet, the Game Incubation is your fast lane into a career in the games industry.

Viborg can act as a refuge where you to try out the crazy idea you got with your study group that late night or maybe test out a beautiful aesthetic for the game that you envisioned. We will provide you with a flexible frame, which is open for suggestions, and help you search for that tricky first consultancy job.

Here is what you get

– 9 months of free office space, including access to software services, internet and coffee by Peter Larsen!
– Seminars and workshops by industry professionals
– Access to test environments and devices
– Network- and matchmaking services
– Access to learning- and business intelligence-tools
– Access to some of the most interesting game industry conferences in the world
– Relocation if needed
– Lastly, we offer the structure you sometimes need in order to deliver and reach your goals

Here is what we need

Fill out this form
– Check the form to see whether or not you are are eligible to join our incubator

Here is what we expect from you

– That you are a one-man army or a balanced team of maximum three people dedicated to establishing a company in Viborg. Also, that you have all the skills necessary to deliver on your own milestones
– That you are willing to contribute and take part of the local community at Arsenalet/The Animation Workshop
– That your main income derives from games industry related activities, either in the shape of consultancy, IP development or something similar that can help you initiate your business
– We are open to business ideas that revolve around consultancy services such as 3D asset production/concept art production/animation services/general consultancy or game related service
– It is important to remember that creating a business is no walk in the park, so we are looking for dedicated individuals who are willing to put in the work to become a high growth business
– That you are willing to spend a minimum of 14 hours a week at the office in Viborg


– If you like what you’re hearing or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or drop by at the office
– Adonis Maigaard Flokiou – Incubation Manager – Phone: 87 55 49 11 / Mail: / Address: Arsenalet, Kasernevej 8, 8800 Viborg, Denmark



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