The home of animation, games and new media

Arsenalet is a creative stronghold founded in 2012 and is located in Viborg, Denmark.

The building primarily houses companies who work with animation, games and new media. Some of the companies at Arsenalet have at this point been involved in major international co-productions such as the Oscar nominated feature film Song of the sea.

The building is facilitated by Arsenalet HQ, a team of capable individuals who work tirelessly to make Arsenalet one of the most successful creative growth environments in Europe. To make this happen, HQ offers a number of services, both for people outside and inside Arsenalet.

For the residents in Arsenalet, HQ offers services such as business development, office space, assistance to marketing, incubation, knowledge sharing, social events and more.

To people outside Arsenalet, HQ offers services such as matchmaking, guided tours, conferences, events, workshops, consultation and more.

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News from Arsenalet

ASF – Animation Sans Frontières at Arsenalet

For the next 2 weeks Arsenalet in Viborg will be hosting ASF – Animation Sans Frontières. Animation Sans Frontières is a lecture/workshop-based training programme designed to give junior European animation […]

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Doktor – Plush Hospital at Rigshospitalet

A visit to the hospital can be a monumental task for a young child, and can therefore cause a lot of anxiety and fear. To help fight this problem, game […]

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Daily Wrestler
Daily Wrestler have experience working with all parts of a production; directing, storytelling, idea/ concept development, story-boarding, illustration/design, 2D & 3D animation and compositing.
Dapper Games
Dapper games is a Danish Game company. We aim to make games that either tell engaging stories, or try to put a new twist on game play.
Drawesome Pictures
Susanne creates concept artwork for animation an specializes in particular, in backgrounds for broadcasting and cinema.
Dupondi Studio
Dupondi is a Graphic / Animation studio specialized in animated videos and high end graphic design with the objective to give the best outcome to your needs.
Eventgames makes waiting around much more enjoyable. All you need to do is to pick up your smartphone and make your way to
Goodjob Studios
GoodJobStudios is a small company founded by Henrik Malmgren making pictures, music and narratives, providing teaching and work-for-hire.
Happy Flyfish
We have worked with almost all the various styles of animation available, from the simplest Flash animation to high end CGI.
Jimi Holsterbro
Reducing complexity, improve understandig and visualizing the bigger picture.
Jody Prody
Jody is an illustrator and animator who uses her powers to help people tell stories, communicate and learn things. Services include illustration for books, print, web and teaching materials; rich pictures and animated drawings; graphic recording/visual minutes and graphic facilitation in Danish and English.
JPG Grafisk
Experienced graphic designer, specializing in album covers, print material, layout and web design.
Lemuria is a game design and consultancy company. We create mobile games, PC/web-games and boardgames. If you need a strong partnership, need feedback for games or if you have an idea for a game, please contact us.
Level Rewind
Our main focus is on games for kids (ages 5 and under) for our customers, currently with more than 20 releases at the Apple App Store and Google Play .At the same time we are working on our first Level Rewind game title which will be available on mobile devices soon.
Mads Juul Storyboard
Mads Juul Storyboard delivers storyboards for film, television and new media.
Monkey Tennis
Monkey Tennis Animation Studio is a forward thinking, full service creative agency and animation studio; specialising in taking ideas from initial conception through to perfectly realised completion.
Nørlum is an animation production company specializing in international co-production and the realization of original story worlds.
Pewter Games
Pewter Games is all about games and game graphics.
Quickdraw specializes in commercial 2d productions, design and illustrations
Re:frame Studio

RE: Frame Studio develops and produces unique film for all purposes.
Sønc is  specialized in 2d-animation, we deliver high quality content for film, audio-visual projects and educational media. We take productions from initial concept to final product, as well as engage in international co-productions.!cases/c1tas
Trib develops concepts, understand the concrete actions needed to implement the concept. That be conceptdevelopment, websites, visualisation, art-installtions and interactive solutions of all kinds.
Tumblehead Animation is an independent award-winning production company and animation studio. We are known for our innovative work and creative approach to visual communication.
Vizlab are experts at translating complex ideas and concepts into drawings in realtime. It is an immediate way to create overview and encounter new possibilities and patterns.
Zacho & Co
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