ASF – Animation Sans Frontières at Arsenalet

For the next 2 weeks Arsenalet in Viborg will be hosting ASF – Animation Sans Frontières.

Animation Sans Frontières is a lecture/workshop-based training programme designed to give junior European animation film and production professionals an understanding of the European and international animation industry and markets, as well the space, time and tools to develop, finance and produce their own projects.

A group of 15 to 16 young European animation artists, producers, scriptwriters and technical directors travels 2 weeks to 4 different schools, The Animation Workshop here in Viborg being one of them. Each school corresponds with 4 separate parts of an overview of the entire animation film production process.

At Arsenalet the participants wil specifically be learning about
budgeting, scheduling, marketing and distribution, developing and pitching games/films/series. Animation production, co-production, the Danish and Nordic animation markets.

Stay tuned as we will bring your more news about Animation Sans Frontières and its participants in the coming weeks.