Doktor – Plush Hospital at Rigshospitalet

A visit to the hospital can be a monumental task for a young child, and can therefore cause a lot of anxiety and fear.

To help fight this problem, game developer Fabio Cujino created the children´s universe Doktor, which at this point consists of a mobile game, activity book, comic book, a mascot and a board game.

By explaining hospital/medical procedures in a language children can understand, Doktor helps to reduce the anxiety involved when a child visits a hospital. This is mostly done by making a game out of it.

On these photos we see project founder Fabio Cujino at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, turning the building´s main lounge into a Plushy Hospital and a playground for the kids to enjoy.

For more information about the project, be sure to visit the Doktor Facebook page or their official website: