Incubator profile – Mikkel Frandsen

Hallo and welcome to Arsenalet! Why don´t we start with your name?
Mikkel Frandsen

Excellent! What is you educational background?
I have a Professional Bachelor Degree in Computer Graphics Art, and I’m specialized in Digital Sculpting and Creature Design for film/games and model kits.

Impressive. What are your plans for the future in the creative business?
My main focus is making my one-man-company sustainable and stand on it’s own. Building a network of good clients is also first on the list for me.

My future ambitions are to become better and more advanced in my specialized fields. I want to be the guy who people go to, if they need a big giant roaring monster for their project. I also want to build my brand, in terms of creating and selling my own unique 3D printed model kits.

Now tell me, what is your dream project?
A dream project for me, would probably be to be hired as the main “creature guy” on a creature-heavy movie and really get the time needed to dive deeper into things.

Lastly, what are your 3 favorite movies of all time?
1. Alien
2. The Thing
3. The Abyss

If you want to learn more about Mikkel, then check out his website RIGHT HERE.